Core Values


1) Practicing self compassion

We’re more kind and compassionate to others when we’re more kind and compassion to ourselves first.

2) Doing what nourishes

What fuels you? What feels like your distinct calling? Where do you feel you’ve hit your groove? Do that.

3) Being alongside others

We are social animals, and it’s hard to do the work alone. How do you surround yourself with a “pack”?


About Sarah



Hey there, nice to meet you!

Whether it's yoga, biking, dance, or walking, I love movement! I’m passionate about sharing yoga and conscious living with others.

During the day I’m a Product founder at a software company. In the evenings or on weekends is when I instruct yoga! In either role, I find myself doing something I love: teaching.

As a yoga teacher, my goal is to help you find new skills physically, mentally, and emotionally.

My teaching is focused on creating space for you to do inward learning, safe strength building, and find a sense of belonging. Yoga has enabled me to learn so much about myself; who I want to be in the world, what I need to be fulfilled, and how I want to contribute. I hope my guidance can allow you to do the same.

To me, yoga is not about gymnastics or getting our bodies into fancy postures. Yoga is about building emotional resilience, mental wellness, and functional strength and range of motion in our bodies. I welcome you to read some of my thoughts if you’d like to learn more!

I’ve been practicing yoga since 2010, when I first was introduced to it in a Moksha/Modo studio. In 2017, I took my teacher’s training and became a Certified Yoga Teacher through Pranalife Yoga with Asia Nelson. I also have a teaching background and accreditation in competitive Highland dance, and many years of dancing in Irish, Highland, Ballet, and Belly-Dancing styles.

I’d love to practice Yoga with you!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to pitch ideas for collaboration, ask questions, or sign up to try a class with me.


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Instagram: @sarahsteineryoga